Cuadro de texto: Last update 31 March 2005


Developing coastal video monitoring systems in support of coastal zone management


The CoastView Project aims to:

  • Simplify the task of the coastal manager by developing simple video-derived parameters (Coastal State Indicators or CSIs) that are directly related to management issues, and are informative about the current state and evolutionary trends the environment. These Coastal State Indicators will have relevance to the fields of coastal protection, navigation, recreation and ecosystem protection
  • Develop improved video systems for delivering CSIs promptly to the coastal manager at the appropriate temporal and spatial scales.
  • Develop algorithms for the estimation of CSIs
  • Conduct field measurements in order to provide ground-truth measurements and derive confidence limits for video-derived CSIs
  • Produce schemes for the interpretation of CSIs and prediction of coastal state



      Supported by the EC

      Under Framework V Research & Technical Development (RTD Action).

      Contract No. EVK3-CT-2001-0054
      Thematic Programme: Energy & Sustainable Development

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